Accessibility Information

Happy Conference Day to all! We wanted to provide more detailed accessibility information for our two venues.

Today for the Keynote by Zoe Todd (5:30pm), and for the rest of the conference, we will be in Room 116 of Peterson Hall, located at 3460 McTavish Street on campus. The front entrance of Peterson Hall is not wheelchair accessible (there are ~12 steps), thus we advise participants and guests with limited mobility to use the side entrance, located on the lefthand (south-facing) side of the building. Unfortunately this door is locked after 6pm and on weekends, with costs to hire security being very high, so please call conference organizer Nicolas at 613 797-1729 if you will be accessing the building via the side door.

Peterson hall has multiple-stall gendered bathrooms on the main level, with “men’s” right outside the door of Room 116 and “women’s” through the glass doors when you enter and to your right.

Peterson-Hall-2Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 8.55.20 AM

Tonight’s reception, which follows the Keynote, will take place in the back lounge of Thomson House, at 3650 McTavish Street. The building is accessible via ramp from the terrace adjacent to the side parking lot only, and access to the upper floors involves the use of an elevator that is small and provides no autonomous operation for individuals requiring it. Conference organizers have informed Thomson House of the potential need for elevator operation, so if you require it please make your way via the ramp. Conference organizers and participants will be around and available to offer support and directions.

Thomson House has single-occupancy, all-gender washrooms on the
fourth floor and technically all-gender bathrooms on the ground floor.

ThomsonHouseScreen Shot 2018-04-06 at 9.03.52 AM


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