2018 Event Schedule

[ Friday April 6th ]

5:30pm: Keynote address by Dr. Zoe S.C. Todd (Carleton University), Peterson Hall, 3460 McTavish Street, Room 116

8:00pm: Reception at Thomson House, 3650 McTavish Street

[ Saturday April 7th ]

*All panels are held in Peterson Hall (3460 McTavish Street), Room 116

Panel 1: Materiality, Knowledge, and Representation
>> 9:15am – 10:30am

  • Ornella Hemingway (Concordia University): The Sensory Sixties and Kundalini Yoga: Understanding Sensory ways of Knowing through ‘Participant Sensation’
  • Adrien Savolle (Université Laval) : Les spécificités des photographies chinoises ou comment la vision est culturellement construite
  • Janice Ngiam, co-author Callan Ross-Sheppard (McGill University): A Sensible Sight? Difficult and Different Map Representations of the Kitan/Liao

Discussant: Dr. Kristin Norget (McGill University)

Panel 2: Confinement, Expulsion, Environments and Atmospheres
>> 10:45am – 12:15pm

  • Miranda Dahlin (McGill University): Letters from Gustavo: Writing Through the Senses in an Immigration Detention Center
  • Cristina Yepez (McGill University): Detention and deportation in “the country of universal citizenship”
  • Nicolas Rasiulis (McGill University):  Mediating Stewardship and Conservation in Northern Mongolia: Ontological and Practical Dimensions of Environmental Protection Pluralism
  • Marie Lecuyer (University of Ottawa): Periplum Petroleum : Noising the Plastic Touch

Discussant: Dr. Samuele Collu (McGill University)

Panel 3: Medical and Biological Sensibilities
>> 13:45pm – 15:15pm

  • Shagufta Bhangu (Shiv Nadar University / UC Berkeley-UCSF): Pain’s Inscriptions
  • Roberta Soares (University of São Paulo): Primary and Secondary Adjustments at the Psychosocial Care Center (CAPS) Institution
  • Xiaoxi Wang (University of Ottawa): Fertility Preference among Chinese Migrants in Canada
  • Christine Beaudoin (University of Ottawa): Crafting with livings and the calibration of attention in anthropological research

Discussant: Dr. Sandra Hyde (McGill University)

Panel 4: Thresholds and Encounters: Life, death, body, identity and religion
>> 15:30pm – 17:00pm

  • Frances Koziar (McGill University) Respecting Ontology and Respecting People – The Case of Aztec Human Sacrifice
  • Samuel Victor (Université de Montréal): Pluralist Ideology or Pluralist Sociability? Evangelicals and “Loving Thy (Muslim) Neighbour” in the American Bible Belt
  • Élise Imray Papineau (Université de Montréal): Making sense of intersecting identities through punk music
  • Donagh Coleman (UC Berkeley-UCSF): Making sense of the body and its death process: Meditative tukdam deaths and the Tibetan ontological body

Discussant: Dr. Julie Laplante (University of Ottawa)

[ Sunday April 8th ]

The Roundtable Discussion Event will be held in Peterson Hall Room 116, from 11:00am to 1:00pm.