Keynote Speaker: Dr. Carlo Caduff


We are pleased and delighted to announce this year’s keynote speaker, Dr. Carlo Caduff from King’s College London at the Department of Social Science, Health, and Medicine. Dr. Caduff has been publishing a great deal of exciting work over the last few years, and has recently published his manuscript, The Pandemic Perhaps: Dramatic Events in a Public Culture of Danger (2015) – an exploration of how experts and institutions mobilized around the expectations of a flu pandemic in the 2000s.

His research concerns include questions of health and disease, knowledge and expertise, science and technology, ethics and morality, safety and security – but his regional focus has expanded to India, where he is conducting his new project.

Dr. Caduff will be joining us to deliver his keynote address at our meet & greet reception event, the evening of Thursday April 7th. He will then participate as a discussant for one of our panels during the conference day, April 8th.

We greatly look forward to hosting him for this event!


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